Amanda + Micah

Micah and Amanda’s recipe for the wedding of their dreams

1 Texan boy
1 Cajun girl
Family and great friends to taste
1 gorgeous villa overlooking the ocean
1 amazing Mexican beach
1 gigantic, warm sun
Lots of palm trees
The Dazzling Details coordinating, designing, and turning said villa into a classy, fantasy world
Cocktails, cervezas, and a little water here and there
His and hers cowboy boots a must
Every kind of cheesecake you can imagine
1 dance floor to get down on
2 fire dancers and 1 drummer
1 pool to cool off in when the festivities wind down
2 rings
1 best friend to officiate the union
And last but definitely not least, a whole lotta love


We made a slideshow with Amanda and Micah’s faves AND my faves which makes for a whole lot of faves so grab a big glass of something good and enjoy.

To view the slideshow press play:



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