Frank + Lauren

Cuixmala, Mexico

Frank and Lauren were engaged for a year and planning for a big southern wedding, until they threw in that towel and decided to tie the knot all by themselves (well, with a few (hundred) zebras, emu, crocs, pumas, turtles, flamingos, and the list goes on…). I think they made the right decision. Here’s what Frank wrote to me after they arrived at Cuixmala, ‘I would describe the vibe as Africa meets Mexico meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets Jurassic Park’. Cuixmala is a 2,000 acre estate, partially operating as a hotel, surrounded by 32,000 acres of biosphere reserve. For a very interesting read on Cuixmala, it’s mission, and it’s owners, click here. It was a tall order to do justice to Frank and Lauren’s fantastical wedding surroundings in just a few hours but I think we did alright.

Congratulations you two, you are an inspiration.



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