Preview – Melissa + Amalia

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks between San Francisco, New York, and Mexico!

Here is a snippet from Melissa and Amalia’s New York City wedding. We had two beautiful spring days for their legal ceremony in Connecticut and for their wedding at Housing Works Bookstore in Manhattan. Stay tuned for more shots around Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, bridal party and couple photos on the subway, and then on to Manhattan…

Melissa and Amalia at Grand Army Plaza. Although I’ve seen wedding party photos here as this has been my neighborhood for years, I’d never shot here. I love what we came up with even if after lying in a bed of dandelions I spent the whole day itchy, sniffly, and covered with pollen. Not to mention a piece of gum stuck to my leg! I smiled my way through, amidst the love of these two.



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