Suzanne + Joe

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Another smashing wedding coordinated and designed by the Dazzling Details.

Suzanne and Joe’s wedding was originally scheduled for a few months later, but Suzanne got pregnant and we all scrambled to fit a new wedding date into our schedules, so they could get married before the little one arrived. I loved the style and look they decided to go with and had a wonderful time documenting Suzanne and Joe, their loving families, and all of the amazing details and fun of their wedding day. My former second shooter of two years Nathan Cordova was in town for another wedding so I lucked out and he came along with me.

Coordination/design: The Dazzling Details
Ceremony location: Hacienda San Angel
Reception location: Villa Leonarda
Catering: Plush

Nathan’s image:

Nathan’s image:

Nathan’s image:

Nathan’s image

The wedding party paraded through the streets from the chapel to the villa. Images by Nathan and me.

Beautiful Puerto Vallarta:

Grid images by Nathan and me:



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