Zak + Tricia

Zak + Tricia = Awesomeness

I met these two a few months before their wedding and immediately knew that I was going to love working with them. We realized we had a few mutual friends in the art and music world and a lot in common: Zak’s a DJ and producer and I used to DJ and do music photography. To make things even better, they adored the idea of doing a Day After/Trash the Dress session in the cemetery…I was really looking forward to that! My fabulous second shooter Kiersten Rowland and I had a blast documenting their wedding. Zak and Tricia looked stunning and their day was amazing with a sunset ceremony, mariachis, a cigar roller, fireworks, and breath taking views all coordinated by the lovely Laura Cardenas of I Do Vallarta. And their day-after session…well…you’ll see how awesome it was. There is a full slideshow at the bottom.

A reflection in the pool…

As a nod to Zak’s DJ and producing career I had to start our Day After Session at the Luz y Sonido (Light and Sound) DJ truck. I have a thing for those traveling DJ trucks.

Something about this one reminds me of a film still.

We rolled up to the cemetery just as they were closing and I had to beg the caretaker to let us in for just 5 minutes. We got really caught up in shooting and they locked us in the cemetery!! There we were, Zak with his injured knee and Tricia in her gown, discussing how we could jump over the wall onto my car. Luckily a guy at the corner store saw our little heads peaking over the wall and came over with a key to let us out. Pheeew. They are troopers.

Congratulations Zak and Tricia!

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