Ben + Katharine

New York, New York

This is an extra special post for me as these are two of my dearest friends. It’s a magical thing when two good friends get married and I always feel honored and lucky to document their love and this special time in their lives. Ben is an amazing documentary film maker and has always been very supportive of my photography, which made it extra fun to create images for them. Check one of his films out here.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding and the session we did in Coney Island a few days later. Coney Island is one of my favorite places in New York -couple it with my favorite people and I’m a happy girl. I love you Ben and Katharine, wishing you a lifetime of great things together.

This image taken by my awesome associate photographer Kiersten Rowland.

This shot was Ben’s idea. He has two photos that I took in his bathroom of Questlove of The Roots washing his face. He wanted both of us in the picture with my photos on the wall.

I love this image Kiersten took of all of Ben’s guys sending him off.

Another great one by Kiersten of Ben seeing Katharine for the first time.

While I was taking a similar photograph, Kiersten snapped this masterpiece. I love it!

They had their wedding and reception at a photo studio called Sunwest Studios. First dance on the Cyc wall.