Charmeri and Jason – Sneak Peak

This would probably go on the top of the list of what not to do with your bride and groom on their wedding day. We were up on this jetty taking photos when a huge wave came and soaked us. Luckily Charmeri’s hair didn’t get wet and she was wearing a light dress so it dried easily. Jason’s linen suit took a little longer to dry off but he was a trooper. I was completely soaked along with one of my cameras which had to go in for repair. It was an exhilarating moment that made for lots of laughs throughout the night. Thanks to my awesome right hand gal/editor/associate photographer Yanen Ali for capturing the moment!

Charmeri and Jason were filled with laughter on their wedding day. When I told Jason that I am really going to remember him throwing his head back and laughing, he told me that this is how their relationship always is. I love that.

The full post on their Playa Fiesta wedding is coming soon!

Congratulations Charmeri and Jason!

Jordan and Amanda – A San Francisco Engagement

There are a slew of reasons that made me really want to work with Amanda and Jordan. Firstly, these two have been together since high school. There is something magical about the fact that they’ve been together since they were kids. They traveled the world together for an entire year which makes them extremely badass in my book. I am so envious and hope to do that myself one day. They went to UC Berkeley and lived in the town where my parents moved just before my senior year in high school. I can’t imagine a place that would give a teenager a better social, worldly education. Berkeley holds a huge part of my heart, plus I just have a soft spot for people that live in the bay. To top it off their wedding was in a fantastic little pocket of Mexico close to my heart. Their amazing wedding was a few weeks ago, those photos are coming up soon! For now, here they are in San Francisco on a beautiful fall day.

Amanda and Jordan just before a high school dance.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography Workshop

This week I had the pleasure of giving a wedding photography workshop in Puerto Vallarta. We had a great group of photographers and what was meant to be an 8 hour day turned into 11 hours of photo goodness. It was such an awesome feeling to have this creative group together, shooting, talking, and brainstorming. Thank you to Eder Acevedo for coming up with this idea and for coordinating everything, to Yanen Ali, my right hand woman, associate photographer, and editor of 4 years for taking some photos of us and imparting her Lightroom mastery on everyone, to Mariana and Luis for being patient with us and being great models, and to Bed and Pizza for letting us use their space and feeding us great pizza and beer.

Here is our crew:

We started the day off with a discussion about the business side of wedding photography and the best ways to grow your business in Puerto Vallarta. We followed that with a critique of each student’s work.

Before we hit the streets we took advantage of some great light inside.

We spent a lot of time roaming through the streets exploring different ideas. I’d spent some time talking about anticipating moments, finding good compositions and waiting for something to happen, and really sticking with something until you have it. I saw this little girl peak out her door at us and got into my head that I wanted the bride and groom to go on the other side of the door so that we could get them and the little girl in the shot. She went back inside but I still had them go get into position hoping that she would come out, and she did! Sometimes when you plan and wait for something to happen, it does, and it can be magical.

Some more great light and a wonderful connection between our bride and groom.

We stumbled upon a gritty little tunnel that didn’t smell very good but Mariana and Luis were troopers and we played around.

After our shoot we went through editing, processing, and photoshop techniques followed by some cold beer! It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who came and supported. I hope to do another one soon!