Ben + Meghan – Trash the Dress

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

The day after Ben and Meghan’s wedding extravaganza we got together again, this time in the romantic zone of Vallarta. They were a little tired from the night before, but they were troopers and got back in their wedding gear. We got some great photographs…. and two large beers for a little hair of the dog/awesome record cover style photo props.

This is one of my favorites, shot through a stained glass window of a church.

I have always loved this little foot bridge that crosses the Rio Cuale.

Yeah, I think they look like rock stars.

I love how quiet this shot is.

You can see why they call it the romantic zone. Isn’t this town cute!?

We had a huge crowd outside of this bus watching. I LOVE this shot.

Fun beach time…

How romantic.

Thank you for a great time Ben and Meghan. I feel lucky to have been here with a camera to mark this special time.

Ben + Meghan

Bucerias, Nayarit aka my home town in Mexico.

It’s a little secret of mine (but I’m willing to let you all in on it) that I pretty much know I’m going to have a great time shooting when the groom is the one who handles the communication about their wedding photography. This was definitely the case with Ben and Meghan. I had such a wonderful time with them and a reaaaally fun Trash the Dress session afterward which I’ll do a separate post on.

I was really excited for this wedding because it was in my little pueblito, a small town called Bucerias, 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Not only did they get married 3 blocks down from my house but they got married in the same villa that my brother and his wife were married in. It’s also right across the street from the house where my brother’s baby was born, and yeah…. I was really excited to be photographing on my turf.

To make matters better, this was a Dazzling Details wedding. You will surely see their unbelievable work in these photos.

I had my brother and amazing awesome photographer/designer Ed Fladung, and my right hand woman, my editor of 3 years turned second shooter Yanen with me shooting as well.

And here are Ben and Meghan…

Ed’s photo:

Ed’s photo:

Ed’s photo:

Detail grid images by Elizabeth, Ed, and Yanen:

Ed’s photo. I love this shot!


Jessica + Lacey

Las Caletas, Mexico

What an amazing pair!

Lacey’s a fitness guru, now filming a show for MTV and a really fun, sweet girl. Jessica is a stunning model, and a truly lovely person, and together they make a perfect match. They have a tv show which they’ve just filmed the last episode for, called Lesbian Love where the two of them speak together about love and relationships. I’ve included a link to the video and a few of their words at the end of this post.

Their beautiful wedding was at Las Caletas, which is at the southern point of Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas and accessible only by boat! The day was coordinated by the awesome Kelley of Adventure Weddings. Here is a taste of their amazing wedding and the Trash the Dress session that followed.

Here is the last episode of their show, which includes some video of their wedding, and a letter that Lacey wrote to their fans. They are an inspiration.

Felicidades chicas!!

Amanda + Micah

Micah and Amanda’s recipe for the wedding of their dreams

1 Texan boy
1 Cajun girl
Family and great friends to taste
1 gorgeous villa overlooking the ocean
1 amazing Mexican beach
1 gigantic, warm sun
Lots of palm trees
The Dazzling Details coordinating, designing, and turning said villa into a classy, fantasy world
Cocktails, cervezas, and a little water here and there
His and hers cowboy boots a must
Every kind of cheesecake you can imagine
1 dance floor to get down on
2 fire dancers and 1 drummer
1 pool to cool off in when the festivities wind down
2 rings
1 best friend to officiate the union
And last but definitely not least, a whole lotta love


We made a slideshow with Amanda and Micah’s faves AND my faves which makes for a whole lot of faves so grab a big glass of something good and enjoy.

To view the slideshow press play:

Your Save The Date kicks A$$

Meet Scott and Liz, winners of the Elizabeth Lloyd Save The Date award. No, there was no competition, but they win anyway. I worked with Scott for years photographing Hip-Hop artists under his art direction. It was only fitting that this is his save the date.

Original record cover:

Scott and Liz’s Save The Date:

A few favorites from their beautiful wedding day in Indianapolis!!